New EP Produced by Rowan Ridley feat Max Bedford Released

producing the head ep

The 3 song EP bringing together the creative minds of guitarist Max Bedford and producer Rowan Ridley that was announced late last year has been completed! Bedford already has a successful Spotify profile (currently sitting on more than 300 monthly listeners).

Not only was Rowan Ridley producing it, but Max Bedford has also coerced him into songwriting and performing vocals on the songs! It is always exciting when creatives collaborate in this way, as the music that comes out could be outside of what either musician has done before! The songs they have crafted over the course of 9 months will not only be a successful representation of both creatives’ skill in the field, but the songs will also mark a progression in Max’s repertoire.

Bedford says “due to my own commitments I had to put severe time constraints on this project, but [Rowan] went above and beyond to make sure that all the time we spent together was used well. I’m excited to share this project and would love to work with Rowan again!”

It’s no secret that Bedford has had to juggle his own music creation with his Bio-Chemistry degree for the last 3 years, but that hasn’t put a handicap on his previously released music, with many songs from his previous EP getting over 15,000 plays on Spotify. The only question to ask ourselves now is will this coming EP be as successful? Or will a departure from Bedford’s instrumental guitar leave his fans unsatisfied?

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