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Recent EP – The Head

The EP The Head was released in early 2023 and consists of three tracks featuring the amazing guitar skills of Max Bedford. Click the links to find them on Spotify:

The music started as songwriting coursework for my Music Production degree, but soon turned into something bigger. I produced the songs entirely electronically with the exception of vocals, guitar and ambient sounds. The project is a story in three parts.

The Head is an instrumentally heavy track reflecting the boredom, frustration and oppressive feel of living in a small town. It’s musically dark, using dissonance to make it sound uneasy.

Surrounded is a general look at the pitfalls of independence as an adult – more upbeat than The Head but still cynical. The song is fast paced, with female backing vocals by Charlotte Rose who also supplied the beautiful cover art. In my view this is the most instantly accessible of the three songs.

My Olympus is about looking at home in a new light. I tried to reflect redemption and hope in music form. The Head and My Olympus are two sides of the same coin. This is the happiest song, with samples of birdsong and hopefully a chorus that grows on you.

Also available on YouTube:

Listen to The Head on YouTube (click above)

Surrounded on YouTube

My Olympus on YouTube

Cover art by Charlotte Rose @charlotteroseart

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