Video Editing

Video Editing Tools

I started teaching myself how to edit on Final Cut Pro X in June 2020 and am now proficient with many techniques such as Cutting, Additional Media Overlaying, Layering Clips, Cropping/Trimming, Visual Pans, Audio Effects (usually for comedic purposes) and Masking.

I have been using Adobe Premiere Pro since 2020 and it has since become my go-to editing software.

Editing Popular Media

See my pages on YouTube videos and TikToks for my up do date portfolio.

From the archive

I was asked by Kendra Whitelaw, who has a YouTube channel with 1.58k Subscribers, to edit her Christmas vlog in 2020. I stitched together numerous snippets; flipped some of the footage for continuity; made the most of the background Christmas music in her kitchen, and added restrained graphics.

Meeting the Client’s Brief – Ads

I was also approached to edit an advertisement for a university student’s coursework (as seen below).

The student supplied the logo and the stock videos and drew up a storyboard. I firstly cut down each stock video to the requested length of 5 seconds. I then arranged them on the timeline in conjunction with the storyboard and added fade transitions (all of which were a specific duration) to each clip. I then added the text at the end in the specific font.
When the visuals looked perfect, I then sourced the sounds for each clip, taking into consideration the feel the student was going for with the advert. I finally faded the different sounds in and out in order for them to transition cohesively with their matching clip.

The edits present in the advert are simple but effective, and the student was very pleased with the final result.

A Business Studies coursework video I edited on behalf of another student, advertising an imagined Eco brand

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