YouTube Editing

Gaming videos and lifestyle vlogs

The staple of internet content consumption, YouTube has many different facets of videos – I have been primarily employed to assist with gaming videos up until now, but scroll to the bottom of the page to see a lifestyle vlog I edited a while back.

For my own videos, I am subscribed to Epidemic Sound, which is a copyright music licensing service which allows me access to their plethora of music and sound effects. I can also produce original sound as required.

Subtitling has become a standard in gaming videos over the last 5 years.

YouTube videos can be cut down and repurposed for TikTok.

Videos may have frequent use of both sound effects + background music as well as green-screen videos used as visual gags.

Viewer retention is an important consideration which I can advise on.

Recently editing for BigBoyGh0st on YouTube

This is an American YouTuber with 300 subscribers, focusing on funny moments with friends. I edited numerous videos for him over a period of a few months – including Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. We parted company so I could spend time developing my After Effects skills and he kindly gave me a Five Star review on where we had first made contact.

Previously – ZumbaDieHard

I have previously video edited for @ZumbaDieHard a YouTuber with 6000 subscribers and also edited some TikToks for him – see my page about editing for TikTok.

From the archive – lifetsyle vlog – Kendra

In my first year of video editing for clients I was asked by Kendra Whitelaw, who has a YouTube channel with 1.58k Subscribers, to edit her Christmas vlog in 2020. I stitched together numerous snippets; flipped some of the footage for continuity; made the most of the background Christmas music in her kitchen, and added restrained graphics. Kendra was very happy with the work I produced despite having access to a limited amount of footage.

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