Producer Rowan Ridley Dips Toe Into Freelance Industry in New Guitar-Led Project

Rowan Ridley and Max Bedford in first Studio Session

An assignment has brought budding Music Producer Rowan Ridley out of his self-producing slumber, and he has found a client in a small artist called Max Bedford. Bedford released a debut EP last year called “Along the Milkyway” doing everything from his bedroom! Now Ridley has chosen him for his next production project, pushing Bedford’s music up to industry standard, as well as debuting Ridley’s freelance production skills. The project will be a 10-12minute EP, and they aim to complete it by February 2021.

The two aim to complete the project using Ridley’s access to his university music studios, which will include Bedford travelling 3 hours each way every time a session is booked. Luckily, when everything is recorded, Ridley will be able to complete the mixing by himself on his own PC. However, this could be a bad thing, as Ridley may take too much creative control in mixing, and it may not turn out sounding like a natural progression of Bedford’s artist career. He told us that he was “very excited to work in a state-of-the-art studio” and described Ridley as an “experienced producer.” But will Bedford enjoy the change from playing his guitar directly into his laptop, or will he feel uncomfortable in the studio setting?

Which ever way it goes, it’s obvious both men are excited to work with each other and have a passion for creation. I’m looking forward to whatever they make!

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